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New business or expansion. Both require forethought, research, objectives and planning, followed by careful design, documentation and implementation with training.

From the basic to the sophisticated, computerised accounting and administration requires the same careful selection and implementation, providing data capacity for the future and the ability for the system to grow in complexity with the business.

A correctly designed system should provide pertinent information in an easy to use format that is user friendly to you and the recipient. It should provide adequate security without the burden of too much paperwork.

THE HEART OF ANY BUSINESS. You may generate ideas, contacts, sales and profit, but unless accurately recorded, reported upon and controlled, it will be difficult to maintain direction, motivation and success. Good administration and accounting keeps the record of your performance accurate and available.

Too little, too late by too many. Poor cash flow management is the cause of most business failures. Being provided with the right information and managing it carefully is critical.

Being bombarded with too many reports containing too much information can be as bad as receiving too little or no information. Each business should fine tune its reporting to minimise cost while maximising the provision of pertinent information. KPIs are a necessary part of most businesses.

Often neglected because of time or cost. Adequate training is rewarding to all – happier, confident staff, a more settled environment, with better results.