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Derived from:

Auric:  "of or relating to or containing or derived from gold" - the class of service we provide.
Auricle:   Outer ear used for gathering sound energy and focussing it - our ability to listen and interpret.
Au:   Proudly Australian.

Consulting Director:
Rob Richards is a Chartered Accountant with more than thirty years of experience, most within a jointly owned group of companies. He has directed management in retail operations (FMCG, general hardware & agricultural supplies, furniture and clothing), manufacturing and property investment. He currently consults with clients in Perth and regional Western Australia.

Our Goals:

  • To assist SMEs to achieve a high level of management, administration and reporting, with modern technology and better planning.
  • To assist performance and reduce stress amongst owners and managers, created by having to continually make difficult decisions, by offering access to meaningful information, advice and regular communication.
  • To grow our business by helping clients grow their business.

Auric Financial Services Pty Ltd
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